Head: Slayer Sculpt
Body: Resolute 7-Pack Destro
Lower Legs: Retaliation Snake Eyes
Cape: SW?
Scepter: custom bash
Dog: bubble gum machine toy
Crown: AIM soldier belt

The de Bellona family dates back nearly two thousand years to the original colonization of Orbis Bellator, later to be known as Avalon Prime, the capital world of the Kingdom of Avalonia.

Though the colony world of Orbis Bellator was not initially a monarchy, the constant wars between the various power-seeking factions of the new world, combined with the relative technological deprivation brought on by the distance from their home world, and growth into what amounted to the great wilderness of an uncivilized planet, resulted in most of the colonies and tribes relying upon individual leaders to rule their respective clans. It is not surprising, then, the feudal society which developed thereafter, even in the deep of space, even so many centuries after civilization on Earth had done away with the trivial titles of royalty.

Thus it was that Leondegrance de Bellona's ancestor Levi, using his great war scepter (which came to be known in legend as Levi's Light), conquered the opposing factions to became the first ruler of Orbis Bellator. In the years that followed, settlements on neighboring worlds and moons began to fall and/or voluntarily join the realm centered on Orbis Bellator (by this time also known as Avalon Prime), and the Kingdom of Avalonia was formed. But for a brief period of revolt in the 13th Post-Expansion Century, the Kingdom has been ruled by a member of the de Bellona clan ever since.

King Leondegrance still wields the Scepter of Levi and has been - along with his Queen Cornelia - regarded by most accounts as a good ruler. Most notably he led a coalition to be formed with the Kingdom of Elysia during the Aqualarian Onslaught which helped preserve humankind's place among the stars.

Most criticisms of the King lay with his treatment of those Avalonian citizens who hail from the planet of Chandar (a.k.a. Avalon Minor, or Avalonia Secundus). The iron fist with which the King (or at least certain members of his council) dealt with an uprising has left tensions high within the Kingdom, and resulted in significant internal political strife, not the least of which resulted in the defection of the King's First Sword, the war hero Percival Ajax.

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