Head: Jurrasic park (or knock off Soldier Force, I forget) (heavily modified)
Biceps: DTC Major Barrage
Forearms: 25A Destro IG
Torso: 25A Roadblock v2
Thighs: ROC RA Heavy Duty
Lower legs: Resolute Duke
Feet: ROC Heavy Duty
M4 (modified)- Marauder, Inc.
Vest: 25A Roadblock v2 (heavily modified)

Being asked to sub in for one of the participants in the JCs SPOOKS custom set project, was one of the highlights of my formative years in the hobby. I remain struck by the group effort, and how so many different customizers, with various styles, etc... could independently make figures which, at the end of the day, looked line a unified toy line.

That the set was later auctioned off for charity made it a rewarding effort. That one of the creative minds behind the SPOOKS comics was the one who bought them made it that much cooler.

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