Head: SW Maris Brood?
Torso: I believe MU fused to the Padme dress
Arms: SW Dark Woman?
Necklace: IJ Willie Scott
Coat: Golden Compass
Crown: part AIM solider, part twist tie

Queen Cornelia is suspected by many to be the real power behind the Throne of King Leondegrance. In truth, this is a dubious claim, for despite the King's stoic appearance, and occasional bumbling demeanor, he is quite steady, as monarchs go, and has ruled over and through many various pitfalls.

The Queen's reputation no doubt stems from rumblings at Court of impropriety involving the current First Sword of Avalonia, and man who directly played a role in the defection of the prior.


Though my main use for this figure is in my original sci-fi verse, she certainly would fit in to my Joe verse as a relation of the Baroness, or perhaps the Baroness herself. I could see her in some 007 scenes as well, since Bond is very much a part of my Joe world.

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