Head: PoTC Angelica
Torso: Ms. Marvel
Arms: SW Padme evening gown outfit
Boots: Prince of Persia
Legs: Ms. Marvel
Robes: SW Republic Guard
Belt: Modified Cobra Trooper

Let's be clear on one thing - Imber does not advertise her real name while working her seasonal job. But she doesn't hide it either.

It's a precarious spot to be in for someone of Imber's station in life (her father being a member of the Lord's Chamber of Avalonia, and herself being a welcome site at the King's Court). Yet the job is one she believes in and is willing to sacrifice everything for.

For Imber Ferro is a member of the Bande Rouge, working virtually half of every year (when her family returns to her home world after each session of the Lord's Chamber ceases) with the loosely affiliated Space Pirate Nation which has been wreaking havoc on the outer Fringe for decades, and slowly moving inward towards the Two Kingdoms. They say that even the previously safe Gate Lanes towards the more civilized Inner Fringe colonies are not to be traversed lightly.

One might wonder why someone with Imber Ferro's family wealth and (relative) power would be willing to put it on the line for pirate "booty." The answer lies in the fact that Imber Ferro calls the subjugated world of Chandar (Avalon Minor) home, and she considers the Bande Rouge to be much, much more than pirates.


It is worth noting that Imber Ferro is a rough translation of Steel Rain into Latin. Steel Rain was a Paladin character I created in my EXCAL universe, and Imber is a sci-fi verse homage to her.

This figure, as you can see is Imber when her father is at the Lord's Chamber and she at the King's Court on Avalon Prime for nearly half of each year. There is another figure which depicts her Bande Rouge look.

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