Head/Forearms: McQuarrie C-3PO
Torso/Upper Arms: Arctic Duke?
Legs: 25th bludd
Backpack: xacto blade tube, with kibble

The (reformed) Pirate, Captain Addai.

"I'm so... cold" The tinny digitized voice of the 'droid' carried an eerie twinge of emotion.

"Robots don't get cold. You know this," Ajax countered, knowing that Addai bristled at the term. "Besides, you're wearing a damn parka, and it's gotta be 70 degrees in here."

Many spaceport cantinas were notoriously cold, but Club Moonshade was not one of them. Business was booming on the mining colony on the surface of the terra-formed moon below, and the quality of the conditions station-side had improved dramatically as a result. The resident-business owners almost felt affluent. Ajax mentally noted the difference in attitude here compared to the station he often called home. Nevertheless, Ajax understood why Addai seemed perpetually cold. He even shuddered a bit thinking of it himself, despite the relative warmth of the station.

"I'll tell you what," Ajax proposed. "You get me what I want, and I'll help you get out of this mess."

"YOU!" The digitized response no longer sounded tinny - it now boomed and cackled, as though the voice chip could not handle the sudden surge of power. "You...got me into this mess!" Captain Addai's voice chip compensated for the surge and evened out once more.

"Your hijacking of King Leo's pleasure yacht got you into this mess. I just happened to be the one who found you first." Ajax's response was matter-of-fact. "If you don't like the metal body you're wearing now, you should consider the alternative - had the King been on the yacht at the time, you'd not even have that bag of brains left strapped onto your back to show just how merciful the King of Avalonia truly is..."

Addai twitched and buzzed. Ajax reflected on how watching someone's wheels spin in thought was normally a figurative notion only. Finally, Addai seemed to reach an internal compromise: "Alright, dammit, I'll help. But finding de Braun will not be easy."

Ajax smiled and nodded in agreement. He withheld the temptation to poke the poor man further. The thing about Addai, Ajax knew, was that he no longer had leverage. As the Pirate Hunter who caught him, Ajax had retained something of a probation officer's privilege over him: help Ajax find more pirates, and maybe your punishment will end soon. But if you don't, then your anticipated return to the cozy human body that the Inter-Planetary Authority has been holding in cryo for the last 3 years might just be delayed a little bit longer.

"I'll pick you back up a week from tomorrow. I have some business to do first..." Screw it, he thought: "And say, why don't you see if you can find a vacuum attachment for your utility port by then? The ship could use a little tidying up..." Ajax smiled even more - he just couldn't help himself.

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