Head: McQuarrie Han Solo
Body: Winter Soldier
Waist/Thighs - modded to Joe articulation

In my science fiction universe, Aeron Cole was the head of security at Ajax Armaments (based in the Kingdom of Avalonia), but he left his post to join Percy Ajax when Ajax defected from the Kingdom.

For Ajax's crew of Pirate Hunters, Cole serves a similar role. He is not technically as skilled of a fighter as Ajax, a former Paladin who was once First Sword of Avalon, but Ajax learned long ago that even a Paladin is often only as good as the crew around him. Thus, Cole fills a vital role as a skilled combatant, there as one of several loyal followers ready to protect Ajax's back.

Had I not merged my original characters into the sci-fi verse, Cole would have served a similar role on Knighthawk's crew. In that setting Cole would have had a military past as a trainer of G.I. Joe Greenshirts, and would have been close to Knighthawk as he himself went through that program.

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