Head: Chap Mei Pirate (ditto the head accessory)
Body: Avengers Thor

This figure primarily plays in my sci-fi verse, as written in below. In my EXCAL verse, a similar story applies, except that he was forced to work for MEDUSA, and is the Cobra Island Prison Executioner.

Avalon story:

Before the revolt, Lord Startower was a man of some prestige, at least on Chandar. Chandarian Lords carried little prestige in the kingdom proper, he knew, but that was no matter. Lord Startower lived for his homew orld. And for his people.

Then the revolution came.

Well, so he had thought. The promise of full scale "Revolution" had been too much to pass up for a man with his views on freedom from oppression. It had been centuries since his world's forefathers fell under the thumb of Orbis Bellator, capital planet of Avalonia. Centuries since the de Bellona line of Kings first tightened their grip around the collective necks of his world's people. "His world." The thought had made him smile. No, this had not been truly his world, not yet at least. But since the ball-less goats who deemed themselves "leaders" of the current regime continued to pay tribute to the King, he was willing to help lead the fight for freedom, no matter the cost.

But what had been promised to him as a Revolution, soon petered out as little more than a poorly planned Revolt. And a hastily squashed one, at that.

Lord Startower was quickly exposed a traitor. Those who had pledged their swords to the fight had fled at the first sight of Royal Armada carrier ships, and of drop-ships unloading armored Cavaliers by the thousands. No, this would not be a Revolution, he had realized too late. But with his treason already revealed, he did not intend to lose his head, without taking one or two of his own first.

Before the battle was lost, he had not collected one or two of his oppressor's heads, but one or two and fifty. Even then, it was not an enemy's sword which brought him down, so much as it was the fatigue from killing so many heartless drones.

Little did he know what his grim decision had foreshadowed. That was only a few years ago. But it felt like many lives, and many eternities in Hell had passed by for Lord Startower since.

"Minister of Justice." That was what they called him now. Even made the title official, those sardonic bastards. Forced him to make public appearances even. To play the part of freak, newly engraved tattoos and all. No longer was he a Lord. No longer was Chandar his home. His home now lay floors below the Royal keep. His time spent sharpening his axe, arranging his "trophies" and trying to make himself go insane, so that he need not bear the weight of his soul any further. But the sweet relief of insanity never came.

"Minister of Justice." It was laughable. He was no Judge. No ruler, no politician. He was the King's new Executioner, but not by choice. While most, if not all, of those associated with the uprising were shortened by a head, Lord Startower, as the perceived (if not actual) leader of the rebels was given a very unique punishment. He was forced to do the beheading of each and every one of his rebellious mates himself. And he accepted the challenge.

Why would he do so? How could he do so? Well, it's amazing the will power a just man can find to commit evil when his own interest lay at stake. In this case, the sight of his own family lined up behind the chopping block - lined up to die the moment he should fail to execute another of his men without hesitation. That was the only incentive Lord Startower had needed. That, plus the knowledge that the sooner the grim work was done, the sooner he himself could lay his own head across the blocks, and end the nightmare eternally. Hoping, at the least, that some just Lord of the invading forces would make sure his family, as innocents, would be spared.

But fail he did. His body betrayed him, where even his will would not. For the number of men which were to be executed numbered in the hundreds. And he had been busy at the killing of his foes for hours, even before his capture. As he lay on the ground, unable to move after his tragically incomplete day of butchering, he was forced to watch as each member of his family was executed in turn. Even then, the relief for which he had begged was withheld - Lord Startower would not be allowed to die on that day.

At some point over the past few years, Startower came to realize he was little more than a scapegoat - even the King himself must have known his role was more limited than they pretended it to be. But now he was the King's new pet, a man forced to accept his torture and that was the end of it. Obviously he would not do the King's killing of his own volition, not now. But that mattered not. The ugly scar on his skull was evidence of that. Hell, he didn't even know if they had lobotomized him, brainwashed him or planted a computer chip in his brain by which they controlled his actions. He knew only that when the signal was given, he wielded his ax, and he took home his "trophy." That, and the bastards had left enough of his mind in there, that he knew what he was doing, while he was doing it...

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