WWE Lashley head, modded
MU Luke Cage body
Resolute Roadblock gloves
Hunter Artworks hand cannon and holster
ST Belt
? Vest, modded to fit
arm straps from WWE figs

Dex Rollins has a somewhat shady record, having been caught up in a gang during his years living on the planet Farhaven, while trying to get out from under the large shadow cast by his father Dexter "Big Papa" Rollins, Sr.

That is not to say he is a shady person. You might not find a man with a bigger heart, or sense of dedication and loyalty in the entire Fringe. Percy Ajax certainly lucked out when he befriended the Rollins clan.

Aboard the Talon, Dex serves as the mechanic and the muscle of the operation. He is the closest friend that Percy Ajax has, outside of those people Percy knew his entire life.

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