Figure: Prototype Cobra Swamp Viper from GIJoeCC.
Accessories: Various orange parts

This figure was created using a test shot Swamp Viper completely in orange, as given as prizes by the collector club the year that those figures were available.

As the Cobras saw that the Joe "Ice Cream Soldier" was heckled by his team mates, an opportunity arose for one Cobra to be punished in a similar manner. As a Viper, this particular thug spent his time pranking the other recruits. One particular prank in a portable toilet at a Terror Drome site ended up involving Big Boa and two female Eels. As justice, the other recruits were allowed to choose his punishment, and took a fresh Swamp Viper uniform for the new unit and dyed it the awful color and given the joke name to match the much guffawed Joe.

Being the object of much ridicule has lead OCS to become one of Big Boa's best recruits from that year, and has himself now become a trainer on Cobra Island. He's maintained the moniker OCS, making many recruits think they are getting promoted to Officer Candidate School when they get sent to his program. Little do they realize that they are being sent to a guy who's one step removed from Toxo Vipers and Desert Scorpions himself in terms of disciple, which makes for some interesting training exercises.

Excerpt from his threat assessment file by General Hawk, "He's not a bad instructor, but his methods are a little skewed. His most notorious training exercise to date happened when he had four recruits who boasted about their martial prowess dress as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and hunt down and capture one of Croc Masters meanest gators in the sewers of New York City."

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