Head: Prof X modded
Body: CS Snake Eyes, modded
Arms: Mix of various bare arms
Legs: UFC fighter, modded

The fans of JoeCustoms know what they want, and what they demand is more skin from Dr. Bindy's customs... it just doesn't always happen in the way they ask for.

In seriousness, one angle of telling a photonovel story that looks like something more than a toy diorama, is to treat the character figures like actors. You have to pay attention to wardrobe. You can't have characters do real life things - eat, sleep, etc..., while looking like action figures dressed for battle.

So while these kind of figures aren't appreciated by all, I view them as a key to telling a compelling story.

That said, I obviously had a lot of fun with this guy in the Joe's Cantina story line, poking fun of himself, and myself, along the way.

It also doesn't hurt that I can use this figure for various Knighthawk purposes as well.

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