Head: Comic Pack Star Wars: Sharad Hett
Body: Renegades Tunnel Rat
Both helmets: Sci Fi

This guy here is a mechanic for BP's and also pilots BP's Dagger (racing version of a fighter) in the Fortunato Racing League. He's been a recent occasional addition to the crew of the Talon.


Hank, like most teens who grew up planet-side on Farhaven, has seen his fair share of trouble. He's doing his best to improve himself, including securing a job at Big Papa's Spaceyard, first as a mechanic, then later as a Dagger pilot. One of his troubles on Farhaven included running afoul of the Imp Pimp. The details of that scenario need not be shared.

It is sufficient to know that Percy Ajax is very much aware of the details. And when Ajax learned that Hank had taken a liking to his daughter, he decided it would be a good time to take Hank on a mission and "show him the ropes."

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