Base figure : Rejected BobaHomie from 2BitHack, Horns from Saesee Tiin Jedi Master, Tail from MU Nightcrawler (HypnoHustler) and cast WildCATS arm/hands from RodimusVTS.
T-shirt idea: Big Tex Wild Phil AKA Texy
Bio Help: Kilcarr

If there were ever a person who embodied the phrase "Lesson Learned", it's Bealzeboba. Once a rank and file member of Cobra, he stumbled in on the ceremony where Crystal Ball first made contact with Mephisto. As a show of Mephisto's power and guile he offered the trooper a wish. The trooper said "I wanna be like you: feared and people keep their distance. Oh, and as badass as that... bounty hunter from Star Wars... What was his name? Ahh, forget it. You know."

Famous Last Words.

What you see before you is a man who was shrunk down, twisted, feared and now bears the visage of that "Star Wars Bounty Hunter" though not the one he probably meant. Be careful what you wish for.

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