BBI Head
Rampage Torso, arms and coat
Res. Duke Legs
Green Lantern Helmet
Our War Hands

Lt. Tallon is a pilot aboard the Royal Avalonian Armada (RAA) Trinity. The Trinity is a Battle Carrier Class Starship, the largest operational vessel in the Two Kingdoms. As the designation implies, it combines the best of both Battleship and Carrier classes.

Though most treaties involving ship to ship combat in space require the preservation of vessels with Independent Jump Technology at all costs, there are still plenty of opportunities for fighter pilots to get their action in. Primarily, eliminating the fighter class ships of the opposition allows for "Air" Superiority which enhances the ability to capture the enemy vessel. Electromagnetic weapons may be fired at IJT vessels to prevent the ship from jumping during battle, so long as no permanent damage is caused to the device*

The dominance of Avalonia's Dagger Pilots over their Elysian counterparts has been demonstrated over the years even in the absence of recent direct combat.

*For more, please see the Encyclopedia Avalonia: Space Battles, which details the loss of independent jump technology since discovery of jump gates, and the treaties to preserve the same. Despite the treaties which exist among the nations of man, many such vessels were lost during the Aqualarian Invasion.

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