Storm Shadow v32: feet
Mercenary Wraith v1B: Lower legs and arm armor
Kwinn v2: Upper legs and knees:
Scrap-Iron v5: Belt
Ripcord v6: Torso
Duke v44: Upper Arms and hands
Mercenary Wraith v1A Lower arms
Zartan v20: Head
Cyber Ninja v1: Swords and scabbard
Roadblock v23: Knuckle Dusters

Skygrinder is a hot tempered kid, but a skilled pilot. He uses a hoverboard created by the research and develop team at Fort Wadsworth. It gets him into an area quickly where he can strike fast and get out. The blue armor on his arms and legs works almost like a prosthetic and the hoverboard becomes a moving part of his own body. Skilled in hand to hand combat, he is a soldier for whom the term quick strike was invented. Now lets just hope he learns a little more discipline.

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