head - gung ho - resculpted
torso, right forearm, hands - lockdown
left forearm - zartan
badge - hobby charm
night stick - whirlblade snakeeyes
smg - commando snakeeyes
mask - crime boss destroy

junkyard is made from adventure team Stormshadow's Tiger - resculpted

Howling Commando - Mutt & Junkyard

Stanley Permutter (Mutt) can be characterized as a natural with animals, who had several pet dogs in his youth, which he trained exceptionally well. The smartest of these was Junkyard, who accompanied Mutt into the army. It is suggested that Junkyard is more popular than his master, since he is friendlier than Mutt and definitely has better manners . Following the retirement from service of the initial Junkyard, his offspring Junkyard II - who is as loyal, smart, and well-trained as his father - is now Mutt's partner. During one raid on a Cobra lab facility housing Repulsor (Repugnus) Junkyard was exposed to chemicals he was using to bolster the strength and power of his z-compound effected troops. After recovery Junkyard had grown in nearly double in size, leading to Mutt to undergo an entire new training regiment in order to properly discipline and gauge Junkyard's ability. Harm another Joe and you'll be on the bad side of a snarling beast... then you'll have to deal with Junkyard.

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