Head: SW Baron Fel
Body: Marvel U, modded

Doc Savage has always been a favorite character of mine. The 60s era art interpretations of him have stuck with me, mostly because copies of those books were on the shelf of my childhood home. With that in mind, the widow's peak version always speaks more directly to me as Doc.

This is the 2nd version I made, though I doubt I am done. The first was just simply undersized. This one is perhaps a bit too super-human in shape, so I will work on some middle ground on my future version.

This Doc, however, was made to represent his role within the EXCAL universe. There, he had long had an affiliation with Joe Colton and the Adventure Team. He joined EXCAL ostensibly as its Science Director, but he was a key player in helping to push out the prior directorship after the Cobra Island Assault. Once under his control, however, the ranks of EXCAL essentially disintegrated. Nobody likes working for a self-righteous superman these days, it seems.

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