Barbecue 92 head
Dee-jay chest and Legs
Snake-eyes 88 arms and crotch

Random Star-corps guns
Dee-Jay Backpack

Inspiration: I just thought of this guy while watching a Vietnam Documentary on the History Channel (I guess you can learn something off that channel :P).

If you're curious about his color sceme, I chose brown since that is the color of dead plants, and orange because it's in his friggin' name, besides, If he's an Eco-warrior, a bright color sceme is a must ;)

Hastily typed Bio:
Real Name: Nubin, Chester H.
PMF: Defoliator
Birthplace: New York, NY

Chester Nubin was a superb chemist at Agri-chem, who one day created a highly viralent herbaside, which could whipe out any form of plant life on contact. He soon went into buisness using his chemichal to clear out "wilderness" for contractors, until the EPA shut him down due to his chemichal's long-lasting Toxicity, and combustability. This setback sent him off deep end, and in a strange twist of fate, he joined up with Cobra under Cesspools Supervision. Outfitted with 2 high-pressure liquid dispersal weapons, based on Sludge gun and supersoaker scematics. Also wears an Air-Conditioned, Solvent Resistant containment suit w/ built in communications systems. Mobile Refridgerant backpack stores extra Herbacide canisters.

"I guess we all should have learned something from REVENGE OF THE NERDS. Cobra usually uses him to clear-out foliage in construction areas, wether its for a new Airstrip or a latrine. This pip-squeak may not seem like much, but when he starts blasting away with his two glorified water guns, you'd better hope their are some rocks to hide behind, because any Botanical cover is as good as gone. And if that isn't bad enough, if that stuff he's spraying reaches 100 degrees before absorbing into the ground, it will quickly turn a baren patch of forest into Dante's infererno. Fortunately for us, they haven't given that stuff to Incinerators....yet."

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