Head: Prof X, Modded
Torso: CS Snake Eyes (or Black ROC version); modded
Legs: Uppers: Retaliation Snake Eyes, Lowers: Resolute Destro
Arms: Ret. Snake Eyes
Harness: Snake Eyes?
Holsters and scabbard: scratch built
Scarf: Ren. Tunnel Rat
Belt: Ret. Snake Eyes, modded with removable gear, including removable communicator (modded from Star Trek belt), and knife sheath.
Helmet: Modded ROC Acc. Suit

Percy Ajax is perhaps the most complex man currently working on the Fringe. He is a skilled warrior, having served first as a Paladin, then later as the First Sword to the King, in his home Kingdom of Avalon. But he now works as a privateer of sorts on the Fringe, far from the glory and honor he once knew. And that glory was indeed great, as he is revered within all of the human realms, for his role in defeating the Emperor of the invading alien Aqualarian forces, which keyed directly into the defeat of that race.*

*Though the dramatizations of the event are more hype than fact.

Perhaps what makes him unique is that despite superficially losing face and leaving his Kingdom via defection into an exile of disgrace, it was Percy's Ajax to uphold his own moral code of honor which pushed him into his current state of affairs. The good news is that since setting out on his own (thereby leaving his family fortune and inheritance behind), he has made a fortune on his own, met a wife, raised a family, and found two new homes, one on old Earth itself, and the other among the stars, in the space station Artifex, where he has befriended the various patrons of Joe's Cantina, Cap's Boutique of Exotic Weaponry and Big Papa's Space Yard.

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