Head: Undertaker
Body: Ultimate Roadblock (Ret.)
Legs: Luke Cage

Knighthawk's most recent efforts on the international terror fighting scene involve a small team of free agent contractors, licensed (very similarly to how his Paladin team was licensed during the EXCAL years) to operate internationally by a secret U.S.-NATO-U.N. pact. While Knighthawk retains autonomy, he does get assigned missions via this pact, and there is an expectation that he meet them in order to stay on the right side of international law.

One area of autonomy he exercises to the chagrin of his government handlers, is in the selection of the members of his team. He has chosen more than a few less-than-reputable sorts, with the knowledge that they will be loyal to him - for providing them a meaningful career and lifestyle, freedom from their prior indiscretions, and because betraying him to the benefit of the governments who sign their checks would be against everything they stand for.

Take Agent Eli Watson. He is an expert in all things automotive, and probably all things that move, if you wanted to get right down to it. Though his rap sheet only covers grand theft auto (on multiple occasions), he claims to have stolen a boat, a plane, a tractor-trailer and a locomotive. Clearly his genius knows no bounds.

The fact he gets to utilize those skills as part of a legit paying job? Well that's just icing on the cake. Oh, and since he's technically also the "muscle" of the operation, he gets to hit people too..."where do I sign up?"

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