Oh man.

There's a Bilbo
And a Gollum Head
And a lot of Fix It Sculpt
And a lot of Kibble

Gogo Jungleboot. So the name came from my son's character on MonkeyQuest, a Nickelodeon computer game he plays online. The inspiration for the figure came when Silent Master suggested I incorporate Chief into the Joe's Cantina story as a chimp. I teased at the fact that might have been the case, but it was just a quick gag. I did follow through on making a talking simian be the captain of a starship, however, and further made both Chief and Silent Master members of the chimp's crew!

This figure might be one of my better accomplishments as a customizer. I put in a ton of time and effort, and turned something that should never look like a space chimp into exactly that.

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