head torso lower legs - adventure recondo
forearms, belt -shipwreck
hands - zartan
hat - part of egg carton
lola - bird from discount eisle generic pirate ship from target
polly - schraider statuette
rifle - 1/6
sword and anchor - asst sigma

Shipwreck has a reputation as being one of the more rambunctious members of the G.I. Joe Team. It's not that he is in any way disobedient or disrespectful of higher up officers. It's his arrogant, brash personality and stereotypical sailor attitude has gotten him in trouble so many times. When he found Flint and Snakeyes on the run from Cobra decided to help, for a price. He prefers to take up his own actions and fight the enemy in his own way. He also has a reputation for telling tall tales as well as pushing the limit of everyone around him. His superiors have had enough and shipped him to Navy S.E.A.L. School in the hopes the training there would make him a better man. It made him better alright... a better fighter. Many on the team think he gets along better with the animal corps than their human counterparts . After ages of loyal, yet catty, service Polly, his parrot, passed away. For a time in Brazil he was the captain of a small army of pigmy chimps and when he returned to active Joe status Covergirl presented him with Lola. They argue like an old married couple, Shipwreck and Lola not Covergirl.

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