head- wetsuit
torso - arctic snake eyes
chest - lt stone cobra disguise backwards
tank inferno
ax - spirit
foam dispenser - cobra commander wrist gun
mask - arctic duke

another early custom I revisited and did a head swap to replace the arctic snakeeyes head and get a closer image to his arah form

The Kelly's are a Boston native family of multi-generational firefighters. Each Kelly son is very much expected to follow in the clan's footsteps. But as there often is, the black sheep. He is that one son who broke off from the family tradition. While he did have a stint as a Boston fireman, Barbecue broke off early on to join the Army. Perhaps this is a testament to his adventurous nature, or more to prove he is his own man and more than just one of the "Boys". His profile indicates that his being a fireman was not of some sense of duty or tradition rather he enjoys the action that goes on in every drill and emergency. Barbecue is often described as a party animal who knows how to get people excited. But come the time that for an actual emergency, you can just as much trust him to keep everyone cool.

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