head - zartan - resculpted
beret - lt stone
torso - adventure recondo
forarms and hands - longrange
lower legs -camo longrange
shotgun shells - spawn figure
shotgun 1/6

Flint has trained in many military skills including airborne, HALO jumping, ranger, helicopter piloting and is Special Forces man. Surprising to most, with all those attributes, Flint is a Rhodes scholar and has a degree in English literature. That life, of an academic, held little meaning for him and promptly sought greater challenges . Joining the military was the adventure he was looking for. Flint exemplifies the enduring human spirit. After Lady Jaye, his wife, was KIA he was broken, an anger and rage filled husk, operating on a soulless hunt for vengeance. In time he would find himself again and it galvanized his resolve to protect those who cannot defend themselves but to be doubly sure to not cross the line that make monsters of men. He is a classic example of a great, respected field leader. He is capable of making tactical plans and executing them perfectly. A natural leader that inspires his men to victory. He has led and credited with the success of several rescue missions in hostile territories. It is said that Tripwire was instrumental in sharing his own perspective on survivors guilt and grief management.

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