head - planetary heroes Venus
upper arms - snakeeyes forearms
forearms and hands - tunnelrat
shoes - obitzu
body - volks mini eb Lolita doll
pants - jungle snake eyes
shirt - dollar general generic bratz
belt/holsters - lt stone
javelins and quiver - spirit

Lady Jaye can be simply described as gifted. Linguist, Actress, Beautiful and even tolerable as a mime. Some would call her as the heart and soul of the team. She has participated in or led more undercover missions for the Joe Team than any other member. She believed that "less is more." when she puts on a disguise, she eschews complicated makeup and rubber masks. Instead, she becomes the object of her disguise, movement and mannerisms, even right down to the right dialect and accent. It also helps that her heritage allows her to pass for a number of European and Middle Eastern natives. Lady Jaye is highly educated, having attended Bryn Mawr andTrinity College, Dublin. Aside from Airborne and Ranger training, she is skilled in cryptological linguistics, signals intelligence, and electronic interception analysis. She is just as equally adept at infantry field work and quite enjoys the "grunt" duty. He death shook the team to its core.

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