head - modded kamakura
torso - joe firefly
lower legs - spirit
shirt, coat pants - custom off ebay
webgear - combat squad recondo
pistols - frontal assault duke
rigle - backblast switch fire
helmet - gungho

Highly intelligent and popular valedictorian in high school, track team captain, went on to attend university on a state scholarship, a life anyone could be envious of. For some reason, the man just went off the grid, abandoning his past and achievements. The people who last saw him described him as disconnected. And just like that, he was gone. Three years later he resurfaces as a soldier in the Army. His behavior continues put off a lot of people. It's as if he is continually pondering his direction and thinking something is bigger out there. He often reminisces about the awe and spectacle of having seen the sea on fire. It should be of some comfort that he is a reliable man can be in combat and one of the best out there in the field.

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