head -wetsuit
visor - hitech
forearms - shipwreck
hands, lower legs - arctic snakeyes
coat - artic duke
feet - destro
rifle - 1/6

My version's uniform doesn't really follow any of the previous versions of Frostbite, he has the brown coat from tigerforce but that's about it, I just was avoiding all that white paint...

Working as a lineman on the Alaska pipeline, Frostbite considered the job unchallenging. Below zero temperatures and hazardous conditions aside it did not fulfill his adventurer spirit. He decided that he'd join the Army, they promised to give him a challenge whenever he wanted one. Frostbite dominated the courses at the transportation school at Fort Eustis and armored school at Fort Knox. Frostbite's driving ability earned him a spot as the primary driver and team instructor of the G.I. Joe Snow Cat environmental half-track assault vehicle. Though he prefers frigid conditions, Frostbite serves on missions in a variety of combat situations, often overhauling the Snowcat to suit any environment the team may be entering.

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