Head: Will Turner
Body: RoC Hawk
Legs: RoC Arctic Snake Eyes

The Ultimate Superstar Lance "Muscles" Sputnik, P.I., PhD is a world class adventurer. Having a very versatile skill set, he's known as a bit of a Jack of All Trades. This gives him the ability to execute all sorts of ridiculous adventures. You wouldn't even believe it if he told you.

Lance Sputnik was helping out with what was supposed to be a simple fundraiser to save a historic Chicago firehouse. At the end of the day, he'd helped put out three fires, rescued eight people, two dogs and a litter of kittens, apprehended an arsonist, thwarted an assisination and consumed 17 Apple pies. When asked to comment, Sputnik merely shrugged and stated "I like pie".

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