Head: Duke '92
Torso/Arms: Tunnel Rat '87
Waist/Legs: Chuckles '87
Ammo Belt: Sub-Zero '90
Gun: Repeater '88; Heavy Duty '91

I'm sure I'm in the minority here, being a fan of the G.I. Joe Extreme line. What can I say, like the comics, the cartoon, and the figures even have an appeal for me too.

Not much to this figure, the parts combo resembled the original figure enough for me to run with it.

The first Lt. Stone came with a large gatling gun, and I knew I wanted to replicate that as best I could. I cut the center gun off Heavy Duty's weapon and attached it to the stock of Repeater's. I drilled out a small hole in each half and stuck a small piece of a light saber in it to help stabilize the two halves before gluing it.

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