Head Dataviper
Body Joe trooper Retaliation

It takes an extreme level of commitment to be a deep-cover infiltration, disruption and sabotage operative. Sistrurus takes his role so seriously that he has his recent memory wiped after every mission so as to never be a liability. Problem is, he does his work so well that no one ever noticed or remembered him. A particularly crafty Cobra operative approached him after one such wipe and convinced him that he was a double-agent working for Cobra.

Sistrurus, totally at home in such ambiguous, mind-bending circumstances, took it in stride and started to compromise Joe operations. Unfortunately for him, that's when he became noticed by the Joes, who were quick to ask who this soldier was in the first place. Things got a little uncomfortable for Sistrurus. He went back to Cobra, who now has to hire an expensive team of psychiatrists to untangle his paranoid mind before every mission.

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