Head: Renegades Scarlett
Torso(modded) and feet: 25th Scarlett
Neck:cut off neck and used 25th Scarlett elbow/forearm
Arms & legs(modded): Marvel Storm
Donut Box: Styrene
Donuts: sculpted

In an attempt to capture more of the male customers, Dunkin Donuts has now started their own sitdown breakfast "breastaurants". With the new stores, They had to hire new help. Here is the new look,

This custom was done for one of Iron Will's mascot contests. This theme was "casting call" and we had to create a new and original mascot for a company. I had a couple different ideas, but went with this one. I originally had multiple girls planned, but the time the one took, I trashed that idea and just went with one.

My friend wanted me to someone put her in the Joe Universe, so I guess she could be Scarlett in disguise and trying to spy on Cobras at the Springfield Dunkin Donuts. I didn't put that as the actual info in the fields above, because that wasn't my main intention, but it could still work.

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