Head: WWE Finlay w/ Henry Jones glasses
Torso: Both are Bazooka (one modded more than the other...)
Coat arms: Destro (ROC)
Legs: A-Team BA

The torsos are modded to be swap-able between with coat and without

Meet J.G. Pluvinski, owner of Joe's Cantina. The idea of a former local sports hero taking over a dive bar and making it his own might seem cliche...because it is. But that's precisely what appealed so much to "P-luv" about the chance to purchase Joe's Cantina, shortly after his Grav-Ball career had ended.

Though the Farhaven Fighters never so much as advanced to the playoffs during his tenure as starting HF (Heavy Forward), Pluvinksi was a perennial Galactic Grav-Ball Association all-star and fan favorite. It didn't take long for that fame to translate to success as a bar owner, that is, at least until the orbital space station which was home to Joe's Cantina had become something of a wasteland.

"You know, the thing about 'p-luv' is that he seems like the most normal and well adjusted guy here. Makes you wonder what he's doing here at all, let alone running the joint. I don't know how he puts up with most of you." Dr. Bex Ajax, Artifex Clinic and Sick Bay

{That's a great point} Percy thought to himself, upon remembering those words once spoken by his wife. {It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.} And with that thought registered in the appropriate mental databank, Ajax went back to work...

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