head - planetary heros venus + tails off My little pony ponyville figures
body - marvel legends she-hulk
boots -tunnelrat
pants -weaponsmaster stormshadow
vest - Indi comic Legends figure redhead with the gorilla...

Firewall is substituting Mainframe, using his uniform colors as well as character story points from the special mission brazil II comic

During smb2 firewall took the place of Mainframe due to his kia status, he was her mentor...Firewall was a minor when she hacked the Cobra DATAFRAME and stole the nanomite schematics. This made her and Daemon targets to Cobra and assets to the reinstated Joe team. Years after the original event she has paid her dues to society and enlisted. Under the mentorship of Mainframe, Dialtone, Sparks and Beachhead she has become a vital and unquestionably resourceful member of the GIJoe team. Distraught with the loss of Daemon and Mainframe, she found a personnel file that was similar to Claymore's.. almost a myth. She put in the request for assistance as documented and he to find and retrieve those that where still mia and listed as kia during the cobra civil war. Vanishing Point would contact her a month later from an abandoned Terrordrome in Texas, with a very much alive Mainframe.

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