head - combat squad leatherneck
hat -my little pont ponyville postal carrier
torso - shipwreck
forearms - lockdown
hands - sigma strike duke
lowerl egs -long range
pants -desert wolf
belt and holsters , guns - lt stone
rifle 1/6

Urzor is adapted based on the Fera Forca brazil character in the place of Leatherneck

The mission was not sanctioned and they could not have any element tie the US to this operation. The team assumed the identities of local Brazilian Militia. Among them is the local operatives that lent their images to the Joe team while they liberated the villagers held captive in the mining operation.

Urzor was revered a local hero until the Headman mission was completed and he was exposed to be not only the Guerrilla Forces leader that captured and enslaved the villagers but a long time Cobra Agent in Brazil that had sabotaged the original mission and allowed Headman to escape in the first place.

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