tundra stalker head
stretcher upper,
lightfoot lower
and monkeywrench harpoon gun

figure was done as bounty for competing in the Red vs Blue Laser 2014

based off Sigma 6 Shipwreck

Blue Laser Salvage Engineer.

Kitbash has operated closely with Shipwreck many times during his time away from GIJoe, if Hook has Mr Smee, then Shipwreck has Kitbash. The have driven off Somali Pirates, Mississippi River Drug Runners, and even Canadian Beer Smugglers... Shipwreck's last minute, no warning needs for vehicles and supplies have made Kitbash an expert at making things just work out of nothing, a lot of his ready at a moment vehicle chassis where the very back bone of the BTR project. His recent work was with a group of fringe work archivists and recruiters that somehow split into rival groups, The Red Lazers and The Blue Lasers. His current status has him on a work release program.

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