head - spirit, no hair, boonie hat fused
torso - camo long range
arms, hands, legs - at recondo
wave crasher board - arctic snake eyes
machete - shipwreck
shotgun - at snake eyes
vest pockets fashioned from stike armor duke belt, lt stone belt pouches
camel back hose from IG back pack

top of head was used for Psyche-out's hair so replaces scalped head with boonie hat

GIJoe has taken it's battles against the ever expanding influence of Cobra to every corner of the World. Muskrat was given orders to map and track the many dugouts, hideouts and cabins known to house the Dreadnoks. His Swamp fighting expertise was instrumental in mapping out the supply routes also used by the Headhunters. He managed to save Roadblock on one occasion. Roadblock had almost captured the Commander, during their tussle Muskrat saw Voltar take aim on the commander but Roadblock would also be caught in the line of fire. He smashed his wakeskimmer across Voltar's face shattering his original helmet.

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