Head: Resolute Duke
Alternate "Masked" head: Steel Brigade Trooper
Torso: ROC The Doctor
Arms: SWCW- Flamethrower Clone Trooper
Hands: Iron Man- Inferno Mission Iron Man
Legs: ROC Deep Six
Torso padding: 25A Destro (Iron Grenadiers uniform)


Another of the more forgettable agents from Kenner's MASK toy line, Calhoun Burns wore a semi-armored wetsuit. As with many of my mask "Now a Joe" figures, I opted for one of the less popular repaints as other customizers have already created fantastic customs of the standard Calhoun Burns figure.

I also normally don't give masks to these figures, to help them appear more as Joes than anything else. The design of the Gulliver mask was so close to the Steel Brigade helmet that it was impossible to resist.

Colors & Paint:

This is based one of the European versions of Calhoun Burns, which featured a white/blue/red uniform. I shifted the color set slightly, replacing white with light grey and the pure blue with a wintery one.

Modifying & Sculpting:

The facial scar on the Duke head was filled in.

Thanks for looking.

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