Head DG Grunt
the rest DG Shipwreck
Web gear random Joe

Spectrum Agents
From the farthest reach of the custom universe comes a new threat, a new challenge. He is THE SPECTRE! He is also known as the Green Laser a customizing Genius and a master mind of creative villainy. As the war between the Red Lasers and Blue Lasers has ended they find themselves bonding together to take on this common threat and challenge of the Green Laser.
Enter the Spectrum Agents, a covert intel team created to investigate and obtain information on paranormal and extraterrestrial phenomena. The Spectrum Agents are led by Agent Cliff Black a former Colonel in the Air Force. His team Agent John Blue- Army Intelligence, Agent Marquis Redd- Marines drill instructor, Agent William White- Navy Psychologist, Agent Thomas Grey- Army Ranger, Agent Gary Greene- Army Demolition Expert Agent Oran Ge- CIA.
Together this team of specialist work to find intel on any UFO sightings reports of paranormal activities and deep space threats (Yes they were in N.Y. supporting the Avengers behind the scene) Their new mission to gather as much intel on the Green Laser as they can and filter out to the Red and Blue laser teams

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