Head: ARAH Salvo cast
Chest/back: NS Roadblock
Arms: NS Duke (V12)
Waist: '03 Cobra Coils
Upper legs: ROC Breaker
Lower legs: 25A Snake-Eyes (V38)
Feet: ROC Zartan (V17)


Kahn would have been a figure in Mego's Eagle Force, but the toy company collapsed before the next wave was produced. The quilted Roadblock vest and wrapped Snake-Eyes lower legs matched the Paul Kirchner design and were the starting points. The design for Khan featured a furred/spiked helmet, which looked interesting- but I couldn't find a way to mesh it with a more current uniform. Here Kahn is simply without a helmet or any kind of cover, which is best because the head is slightly oversized. To downplay the large head, I used the NS Duke arms with the monster shoulders and the bulky ROC Breaker upper legs. The legs are bowlegged, which somehow works for the character.

Colors & Paint:

The Paul Kirchner designs are black and white, leaving them wide open to interpretation. I pulled the gunmetal grey for the vest and wraps from my RIOT trooper customs to have some color continuity. To add some realism to the head sculpt, there are blemishes and a slight pink wash over the lips.

Sculpting & Modifiying:

The head is cast, with the eyebrows removed to paint them in an arched position instead of squinting. The neck was slimmed down to fit into the neck socket.

Thanks for looking.

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