Head: Star Wars- Luke Skywalker
Torso: IJ Russian Soldier
Upper arms, legs: Indiana Jones- Indiana Jones
Lower arms: Star Wars- Baron Fel
Hands: Marvel- Iron Man- Inferno Mission Iron Man
Feet: ROC Storm Shadow


Scott Trakker was the son of Matt Trakker in Kenner's MASK toy line. Having rolled MASK, Iron Man, and Centurions into the same continuity, Scott Trakker is presented as a "Now a Joe" figure. Instead of Matt Trakker's tech-savy son being another member of MASK, why not have him work for Tony Stark at Stark Industries as a robotics designer? He would have the kind of skills needed to help Stark integrate the Centurions platforms for human wear and use. To show that Scott Trakker is now an adult, he sports a scruffy beard.

The Baron Fel upper arms and Iron Man hands create the feel that Scott Trakker is in the middle of a project. The gauntlets are not actual armor, but diagnostic equipment designed to interface with the Centurions platforms.

Still along for the ride is his old robot pal, T-Bob, with an upgraded body.

Colors & Paint:

The yellow and blue of the shirt link this custom to the Kenner figure. Khakis for the pants to reflect the dress code of the office worker, and to match my Anthony Stark custom. The armored portions of the arms/hands are light grey to match T-Bob.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The beard is sculpted and the bottom of the torso was extended.

About T-Bob:

Torso: Automotive wiper linkage bushings
Upper arms, legs: Star Wars- Pit Droid
Arms: Lower half of Star Wars- Super Battle Droid
Feet: Marvel- Iron Man- Inferno Mission Iron Man


What might T-Bob look like for an adult Scott Trakker? I played around with different ideas, like making T-Bob something like a Sunbow synthoid... or a captured B.A.T. that was reprogrammed... a face floating on a computer screen... or just the same egg shape. T-Bob is a comic relief character, so I decided to keep a small frame with spindly limbs attached to oversized hands and feet, but a sturdy one useful for assisting in a robotics/weapons lab.

Colors & Paints:

Light grey instead of white, to help downplay the fact that T-Bob is just Kenner's depressing R2-D2 ripoff. The eyes are a sticker based on the DIC cartoon.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The bushings were glued together to create T-Bob's torso, with arms holes drilled in the upper portion. The upper arms of the Pit Droid were glued to the lower arms of the Super Battle Droid. The Pit Droid's feet were removed and replaced with the Iron Man feet. The Pit Droid's hip sockets were attached to the lower portion.

Thanks for looking.

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