Head: Firefly
Torso: Rock N Roll
Arms: Leatherneck
Waist: Random part pull
Legs: Corps Hammer
Accessories: Recondo rifle, 89 Snake Eyes backpack

Name: Draggoon
PMS: Infantry

Name: Escobar, Mario G.
Birthplace: Chicago, IL

After a troubled childhood with a couple run ins with the law, Mario's family gave him the choice military school or disinheritance. It was the kick he needed, the school gave him the discipline he needed. He was soon using the skills he developed on the streets to help out his squad in various training exercises. As he came of age he enlisted and put his training to use by leading his squad in rescuing a kidnapped diplomat during a South American deployment.

From harlie: I have had these customs done for nearly 5-6 years and never got around to posting them (mostly due to a lack of a camera and then losing its charge cord once I got one). Many of these I am having to completely rewrite their bio as the notebook I kept my notes in has disappeared sometime during my last couple moves. I hope everyone likes the bios once I get them redone.

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