Head - POC Will Turner
The rest - City Strike Snake Eyes

They say that for every problem there is a solution. In the war against terrorism there are many solutions. G.I. Joe, Freedom Force, Oneforce, Tecomm. are few that come to mind. But in the war against evil sometimes you have to fight evil with evil. Sometimes there is only one solution, The Terror Squad! The Terror Squad is the team you call in when the most evil and most ruthless enemy has to be taken down. Their identities are unknown to anyone, save a few who keep no record of who they are. They are what you might call highly trained operatives gone wrong. They are the ultimate search and destroy team, no questions asked and a 100% success rate. Each member is skilled at doing one thing, KILL. Terror Squad is not the team you send in for rescue, recon or retrieve. Where ever there are monsters they are the monster hunters. To coin a phrase from the movie John Wick ...."if there is a boogie man they are the ones you send to kill the boogie man!" Stories of this squad have been told all over the world they are almost mythical yet legendary. Think Big Foot, the Abominable Snowman but with Axes and big guns. Hell they are the real life Jason's and Freddy Kruger's and Michael Myers of anti-terrorism.
Splatter supposedly was a South African freedom fighter and Australian Deserter. Word is that Splatter had a bad habit of going over board and literally would splatter his enemy with no remorse.

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