Mr. Freeze - Head
CA2 Red Skull - Torso, Arms, Coat
AA Red Skull - Hips, Upper Legs
Destro - Hands
Neo-Viper - Boots

AT-ST Driver - Neutrino-Wand
Laser-Viper - Particle Accelerator

PKE Meter
Rebel Fleet Trooper - Base
Han Solo - Antennae

Giga Meter
GI Joe Welder - Base
Han Solo - Antennae

Doktor Spengler does not believe in the "paranormal." Despite his encounters with the seemingly supernatural, he maintains a theory that all such phenomena are grounded in the corporeal realm and subject to all the laws of physics and reality. Ghosts, in his opinion, are simply electromagnetic echoes left by the departed. Monsters are merely yet-to-be categorized fauna, no matter how strange they may seem. And his theories have proved solid enough to design sophisticated devices for tracking and capturing such mysteries. Still, each new encounter brings with it something even more alien and unknown than the last, and even the good doctor is beginning to wonder just long how pure science can explain these discoveries.

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