Head - Custom sculpt
Torso - Bullhorn 90
Arms- Rock Viper 90
Waist- Windmill 88
Upper legs - Blowtorch 84
Lower legs - Dusty 85
Shotgun - Firefly 12
Attack Dog - Law & Order 87

Growlers are the trained dog handlers of COBRA. Growlers play an important role as specialists in COBRA's security forces. Used primarily for installation security, they also contribute to combat operations whenever called for. The dogs themselves are trained to track, chase, hold, and attack enemy targets as well as defend their handlers in the event of an attack.

This guy originally started out as a Mutt custom but then almost halfway through making him, I decided to change him into a specialized Cobra dog handler. Sculpting the harness on the dog was a last minute detail which I am glad to have done and it turned out much better than I had expected...

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