Head: Star Wars- Rancor Keeper
Torso: ROC Heavy Duty
Arms: 25A Bazooka
Legs: ROC Ice Viper
Feet: Marvel- Inferno Mission Iron Man


I already did a Cliff Dagger custom for my "Now a Joe" project. Despite a lot of effort, it was bad. The approach was to interpret Dagger as a massively overweight character for comic effect and it just didn't work.

Here, I'm attempting to set the figure more in line with the spirit of the base figure/character designs seen on the show- a bulky, yet short, thug. Though my first version was fat, I was pretty close to the figure in terms of gear. Here, I'm relying more on the parts to do the work. Instead of a turtleneck t-shirt, the Heavy Duty torso decks out Dagger with some gear, while giving some bulk. The Ice Viper legs do a good job of shaving some height of the body, but maintain the right amount of stockiness. I used the same leg recipe to create a squat look on my Eagle Force Harley figure.

Colors & Paint:

The color set from my last figure was based on the original MASK figure. Here I went with a desert look inspired by the Argentinian two figure pack version.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The knit cap and eyepatch are sculpted. The neck was removed and the head was hollowed to accept the neck post.

Thanks for looking.

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