Head- Angel Forge
torso- Roadblock 92
Arms- Skidmark 88
Waist- Airborne 90
Upper legs- Shockwave 88
Lower legs- Sub Zero 90
Beretta 9mm pistols- Marauder Inc
M4 Rifle- PTE

I didn't really like the Image/ DDP take on the GI Joe comic but there were a few things I did like, and one of them was what they did with old salty dog Shipwreck. His updated costume design and gruff demeanor added depth to his character and he instantly became a much loved fan favorite in the comic.

I had finally got my hands on this finely detailed head sculpt and went to work on building him. The parts used to make him have become ubiquitous in the many customs of this version of Shipwreck over the years but they work nonetheless. Nothing too complicated.

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