I designed and built it. Joecustoms member Stronox painted it for me. He also came up with the idea to switch the feet.

Head, Arms & Torso - Jakks Pacific WWE Build N Brawl Boogeyman
Hands - Hasbro Gi Joe 25th B.A.T.
Legs - Hasbro Gi Joe 25th Copperhead
Feet - Hasbro Gi Joe 25th Croc Master
Helmet - Hasbro Gi Joe Plague Troopers 6 pack Guillotine
Whips - Hasbro Indiana Jones
Gun - Hasbro Miscellaneous Gi Joe

Orphaned after his Mother overdosed on Drugs. He was remanded into Foster Care. While living in South Florida as a child, with his Foster family. He was attacked by a Crocodile, resulting in the loss of his left hand and severe scaring to his face. Growing up he was ridiculed and bullied by other children for his deformities. Feeling ostracized and not willing to give in to the bullying. He routinely fought with others. He became antisocial and exhibited violent deviant behavior. Unable to control his violent mood swings his Foster family abandoned him. Leaving him to spending much of his life in and out of Juvenile Facilities, where he spent most of his time isolated from others, in Solitary. He occupied that time by working out, preparing for the next fight he would undoubtedly get into. At only 14 years old he was deemed undesirable for Foster Care. It wasn't his age though. Standing 6'5" and weighing in at 290lbs, combined with his disfigured appearance. Made it impossible to find a family willing Care for him. Eventually, he was finally released at 18 as an adult.

His freakish size and being disfigured, made it hard finding a Job. No one was willing to hire a one handed, Monster. However, as luck would have it. He finally found work at a secluded Warehouse, deep in the Everglades, as the Night Security Watchman. Perfect for him to avoid being noticed and antagonized for his grotesque appearance.

At the Warehouse one night. He heard a scream coming from the Basement. When he investigated he found the Owner working in a makeshift Medical Lab. The scream coming from his patient, who was now unconscious. Startled by the sight of the Scarfaced one armed Giant standing before him. The man quickly and nervously introduced himself as Dr. Mindbender. He explained that his patient was having trouble dealing with the pain from his Wisdom Teeth. But, everything was alright now. So, without question, he left the Doctor to his work.

Realizing that his new Security Watchman was trustworthy and didn't ask questions. The Doctor offered him an assistants position. He readily accepted. About 1 year later while assisting the Doctor. He made an even more interesting discovery.

Aside from being a Midnight Orthodontist for the poor local Rednecks. The Doctor was also experimenting with High-Tech Robotics. The Doctor hoped to eventually create a fully functional Android. After a year of hard work on the basic design of the Android Tech. The doctor, along with his assistants help, created a mechanical arm that was powerful enough to crush Steel in it's grip! After witnessing the power of the Android Tech in action. He asked the Doctor to give him that power. The Doctor was perplexed by the question and asked what he meant. He walked over to a Hydraulic Metal Cutter in the Lab. Placed his Right hand in it and proceeded to cut it off, without so much as a whimper. He then turned to the Doctor and raised both his arms. The Left missing a hand since he was a child and the Right with it's new bloody stump and said "I need that power here!". The Doctor, horrified and yet impressed by the shear will it would take to do such a thing. Let alone the pain one would have to endure, quickly obliged his assistant.

Now, he was already exceedingly strong enough to turn over a Car, due to his freakish size and natural strength. But, with the Android Hands acting as the perfect compliment to his size and strength. They actually helped enhance his ability to harness his natural strength. By finally allowing him to crushingly grab anything, with 2 hands rather than 1, and wield or control it effortlessly.

This accomplishment opened new doors for both him and the Doctor.

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