Head: Gristle '93
Arms/Torso: Desert Scorpion '91
Waist/Legs: Gung-Ho '92
Gun: Star Wars (Lando from the new run)

Ballistic was hands down my favorite character from the G.I.Joe Extreme line. Toys, comics, and cartoon. Not sure why, he just was.

I managed to find parts that resembled all his appearances, so there is very little painting done on him. His head was a stretch, but it has a sculpted pony tail like his character. Also, the exaggerated expression fits in with the original toys over the top sculpts.

I went with a pistol as his primary weapon because he is classified a a sharp shooter not a sniper. I have no doubts he's a sniper too, but he was always pulling off trick shots with hand guns. Much to the chagrin of SKAR.

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