* Helmet - ROC Air Raid/POC Duke, modded with my wife's acrylic nails.
* Visor - Carved from old pill bottle.
* Vest - Riot gear from Marauder's Gun Runners (Not for sale anymore?) modded. Pouches from Renegades Ripcord, ROC Agent Helix, ROC Night Adder/Jurassic Park Cancelled.
* Shield - Carved from old shampoo/laundry powder bottles.
* Guns - Scopes from Marauder's, guns from ROC Elite Viper.

Sinodolls on eBay has these bare Alley Viper's from Defense of Cobra Island 7-pack for a penny. WAY better than the $30 I'd need for the proper figure, I decided to make them some gear and be as faithful to the original as I could.

I tried this originally two years ago and, to be perfectly honest, it was crap. I learned HEAPS though, and tried to apply that learning to this endeavor.

This time, I think I got it pretty good.


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