Head: WWE Lashley, modded/cast
Torso: Nite Adder, modded
Arms: RA Heavy Duty
Legs: Ret. Roadblock

I keep making new versions of Dex to keep up with new versions of Percy Ajax. Dex is Jayne to Percy's Mal, Chewie to his Han. He is the muscle of the operation, always having Percy's back. He is also the primary mechanic on the Talon, taking after his daddy, "Big Papa" Rollins, who has retired to run a spaceyard and salvage operation.

Earlier versions of Dex focused on the mechanic angle, but this one is in full pirate hunting combat armor. Dex was not a former Paladin knight, as was Percy. But as Percy has himself moved far away from that former life, Dex is moving closer and closer towards that skill set. Pirate hunters are most often freelance licensees, so there is no uniform code to follow. However this is becoming the default combat suit for such activities for the Talon crew.

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