Head and upper torso: POC Zartan
Head gear: Epoxy Clay
Lower torso: Epoxy Clay
Legs/Snake part: from a Mc Farlane figure
Rifle : bosk rifle with Epoxy Clay
Left Arm: Lizard
Right Arm: Serpentor with epoxy clay sculp
POD: 100% sculpted with super sculpy overlayed with epoxy
Fused with magnets to hold the pod together.
Body armor, back plate and shoulder plate: is sculpted

Golobulus is the ruler of Cobra-La, a Hidden city in the Himalayas. Part man, part snake fused by Bio-Mechanical engineering, with the aid of the high priest.

Body armors are made of mutated crustaceans, with specific functions, to enhance his body and provide high tensile strength.

Golobulus body achieved immortality thru symbiosis and replacements of body parts, with the exception of his brain and nervous system.

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